Genevieve Padalecki has asked us for help. She is putting a book together to give to Jared at the 200th episode party. She wants this book to be filled with messages from fans!

If you’d like to take part in Gen’s gift for Jared, send an email to….


There’s this Bible verse that goes “you could gain the world but lose your soul” or something like that … it randomly popped into my head while I was showering as “you could save the world but lose your soul … would you?”

And the only thing that came to my mind as an answer was this gif …





This. This right here is breaking my heart. How dare they?! HOW DARE THEY?! We haven’t heard the “jerk-bitch” routine in seven seasons … and now, they bring it back- with CROWLEY?! Not that I don’t adore Crowley but oh- it’s another way in which he’s replacing Sam in this new demon!Dean’s life. Please kill me with a spoon now.